31 October 2008

a process

as i orbit the sun i have observed a process, it's as simple as gravity and yet is the subject of many a debate, this process has always been there just like gravity and didnt bother anyone till it was named by a british intellectual

this process is the unstoppable force of evolution

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  1. Yeah, and just because it has a name now, these bothered people scrutinize what has been written about it, not inquiring directly into the process that the name is pointing to; the ingrained movement; the process itself. it runs through matter as though its a property of matter.

    it comprises even the mental system that run to blind the sapiens from this truth. the initial traces of this system bubbled up as a mutation which was in turn nurtured by imagination in the sapien brain, allowing it to take over the mind;
    stagnation the result.
    the latter happened to the minds that percieved imagination as more fundamental than vivid reality itself.
    but stagnation is not beneficial and evolution has no mercy
    its a process that keeps on modifying
    not to any end
    Just as a means