28 April 2009


Tuesdays, nothing to type. Nothing to do. Gotta lay low whilst Swine is abroad.
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Jarret Johnson wacking a upside down bodyboard manuevre one time.

Jared Houston going in cicrles no problem.

27 April 2009


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Swastikas! Getting this post to work has been a 20 minute nightmare. Sometimes the upload feature loses it's mechanical mind and tries to tempt you to throw your screen against the wall and smack your dog with the keyboard. Whatever. Them photo's are from way back in this year. We paddled around and hoped for some glory, which never really happened. We actually paddled a whole lot and got served quite often.

Spend another 10 mintues. This FFFFFFUAGURKIN thing has a way of destroying layouts and posting it like hellfire.

Hmm, actually going to kill rabbits and rainbows now.

25 April 2009

cold shower

woke up amping for a hot shower, jumped in and got flush by the coldest water ever
how is this posssible ZUMA has only been president for a day....

mark mcarthy, winner of the cave rock contest earlier this week

i know i know, crop'd funny but hey i had a cold shower and he landed in the flats what more can i say

22 April 2009

days gone by

went for a surf yesterday, the water was cold and the waves where good

aadam grant on another day when the water was also cold i presume, image damon crawford

unknown looking down the tube when the water was warm and had the same shape as yesterday


WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON HERE BOYZ! I told you not to bring any guns to the voting halls. I told you, assholes! What the hell is the point of a public holiday if the ocean is as flat as a PANNEKOEK and gives you brain freeze to such a extent that you want to chew of your own limbs. The crew is dying! What is the point of preserving it? Who still cares and who doesn't? Who fights and who loses? Whose going to lie on the pavement clutching the flag that announces that they once stood at the top? Who does this for the glory, the bragging rights? Who really cares about the crew, when all of us are at the beach and there are 4 separate cars? Who really gives a damn when they walk over the broken glass day after day, year after year. You use nature, but do you enjoy it? You use it, but do you put something in to preserve it? Lets break down the walls, lets watch it fall to the ground. Lets build a new tower, one that is stronger. One were we roll out together. One that doesn't fuck around.

20 April 2009


this post features yours truly but it's not so much about me as the photographer Mickey Smith, he has been getting more shots featured than ever, every where i look i see his work, and the images are unbelievable.
Check out the new riptide with the Corpse interview, his words coupled with Mickey's images make for one of the sickest interviews i have read and looked at in a very very long time, sick on both of ya

this is me at The Box getting my scoop on , the next frame featured in the latest South African boogie mag 6040, so stoked, image courtesy of Mickey Smith

ps. Alex Turoy also got some amazing images featuring the Corpse interview

18 April 2009

dan the man

such a lazy day for pancakes, creamy butternut soup and senselessly scrolling the web for fresh content, knowing this i bring you

Dan Worsley , one of the freshest boogers from the cape region booosting !!

and a little something extra

now you can stop searching and just sip on that creamy hot chocolate and stare, enjoi
all pictures Damon Crawford


Time's photo's of the week so ya'll can go broaden your horizons.

Just absorb a little of what goes on in the world, that our personal little world's that we build up so passionately is actually not even a blimp on the radar. Realise the greater scope of things and that at some point there is unity, regardless of religion and nations. Stop being the idiot that walks past everything that's wrong and moaning about it, be aware of the problem and work towards fixing it. The world is coming to a stage where we can no longer be idle, the bloody permafrost is melting, damnit. We could hardly stop a few bushfires over the last summer. Imagine storms that never end. IMAGINE DOOM AND DESPAIR, hahaha. Ok, no need to go that far. Connect yourself a little bit with the idea of a ending and see how much you actually love being alive. MEGA RANT!

"Ey guyz who doz diz fool think he is to tune us shitz like this!"
"No idea man, but I don't see this going anywhere."
"Yea, lost cause, for sure."

16 April 2009


image damon sent me , lovely

proudly south african reefbreak

15 April 2009

eye of thee beholder

a friend and great photog Damon Crawford sent me these images to use (after i approached him about a certain sesheon from last year, big ramps and even bigger boosting went up).

i got more than i asked for and i am elated about that, so follow these footsteps to the first Boom!!
i wonder to who these footsteps belong, maybe to the one below trying to cover his trails by taking to the air and busting in to over rotation

spex spinnig of his axis

and jerry oozing the disease from the above mentioned sesheon

13 April 2009

swim in the ghetto

alan zondagh right place right time, whoopwhoop

local wedge technician cruising, after this he was zeus and i hyades

dan worsley gettin everyone hooting and amped

12 April 2009

blazing arrows

so there are more than one way to skin a cat i was told, with this in mind i deleted all the image from the trip except these and maybe 2 others, why? for me these sum it all up

out of the 5 days we spent up the coast we only scored once, but oh how worth it was

it all started with this sunrise

the heat clearing the mist and unveiling this freight train all the way from the artic or somewhere down there

the boys paddling out and waiting, check dot on shoulder

and one of the fellas scoring , they all did though i just have no desire to bore you with 30 images that look very similar

psychedelic moonrise to end of a cracking day

moral of the story : chocolate not always more chocolaty on other side, patience helps, different ways to approach, and last but not least, winter is upon us and the madness is gonna come straight at ya in ways only time can reveal


11 April 2009

round and round

we go
the weekend past was the cape classic showdown and made for some entertaining boogie heats, the conditions went from good to bad to good again, which made for a hotly contested final, this is the only image from the contest, the camera god stole the rest, bastard

the baboons also joined the fun and robbed some unexpecting homo sapians of there belongings, main culprit pictured

after the victor (mark watts) received his reward , plans where made to move up the coast to xplore new pastures, all i will say is that the grass is not always greener on the other side, so after much deliberation around the camp fire with the moon rising in the back ground the desicion was made

back track to where the grass is already green, images and words to follow soon

09 April 2009


Evening. I have had two weird-ass days before today, today was filled with peacefull studying and nurturing a mild hangover. There should be some cool photo's popping up soon and they'll be getting their asses tagged by that ugly rainbow coloured thingy you see on the current ones. For some reason blogger shuts me down whenever I want it to so that you can click on images for higher res ones, now you just click on the lime green link.

All of the photo's come from RAW, so if you feel like having a poster made for you, drop a e-mail at either tiaankriegler@gmail.com or cobozz@gmail.com and we'll see what's crackin.

Jared Houtson, a arch enemy in free surfing division, was zooming around like a butterfly in springtime at this rarely surfed quadro secret left. Poppacious Revo.

Oh, you know your doing something right when that bottom foot pops out like pictured here. Jared again, this is the type of stuff to ENVY!

06 April 2009

It comes around.

Some days you just have this enlightenment that there are going to be waves, you know it and there isn't any other way. Sometimes you are walking around on campus on days like these, as I. In these cases of severe misfortune a man is faced with a great moral dilemma, but then again as you are speeding towards the beach you wonder why you even wasted thought on such a easy decision. I drove with manic skills around twisty corners, dispatching old grandma's in my path with some lucrative overtaking. In hindsight I might have used up my daily quota of awesomeness on the road and when I hit the waterworks there just didn't seem to be any spunk left in my bunk?
Needless to say there were definitely some stars in the water, man, if I was a young girl I would have been frothing! The whose-who of South African bodyboarding Celebz wer' out' der' totally going monkey on the supertube. Cobus got TONZ of photo's, that your never going to see! Mohahaha. I kid you, Going teh be sifting through them and posting 'em over the next moon cycle.

Righto first up we have Monsiour Mark Watts, with a sheepalign debue (expect fanmail to rain down on your mailbox soon), this is a proper stall to set up that all important scoop. Wright that down kids.

'Ere 've hav' Mark McCarthy. What to say, what to say! Mark boogs so well it's rather painfull being in the water whilst he is out. Getting super radicool on a end bowl!

Pure class folks, pure class! McCarthy shows he is badass in the previous picture and here he shows of his softer side with some elegance!


05 April 2009

Fun time.

Kitcat Crunchy.

Werner Otto from Onrus getting his scoop on.

Werner again, sitting deep on a flat one. Good times!

02 April 2009

the cat says BANG

this is a teaser update of the happenings on april fools

featured rider : j mellish

enjoiing the spoils of side walls

01 April 2009

slou shut

this guy started talking to me about his vision disorder, according to him he experiences life in slow shutter speed, similar to pictured he also claims that when he squints his eyes in a particular way this pictured is sharp as wonderful i said, this pictured is for you