28 February 2009

Adapt or die.

So Cobus send me some uncropped oversized photo's that fill up my inbox and lessens the virtual space I have on the world wide web. Hence, I have decided to process them into a tale. Not just any tale, oh no. A tale of valour, honour and knightly sires. A tale of heroes!

A long time ago I had been biding my time in the fair land of South Africa, overseeing events in the area and tending to the herds, whilst noble knight, Cobus Bosman, and his faithfull slave, Johno Mellish, had gone on a crusade to the promised land. Many moons rose and once or twice a pidgeon made it back bearing news from shores faraway. Then one night, whilst I was peacefully enjoying a particularly good read, a pidgeon came bearing most delightfull news. My compadres' luck seemed to have turned sour and they had set sail back home. But lo! For they did not set sail back idly, using astronomy they perceived that a storm was brewing due east of the Southern Americas. As fortune goes, they would arrive as the swells rolled onto the shores of South Africa. And now I'm tired of typing like a tit.

Cobus and Johno got home jetlagged and made me drive. We got there when it was dark. My dirtroad driving was on par with the late Colin McCrae.

Cobus had a new pair of fins, board and suit. I was jealous. He also paddled out first. I was in doubt.

Either Cobus has a pretty good contract with god or we were just shit outa luck, 'cause he got ones like these while we were spending the majority of our time in the white wash observing. Afterwards we were tired and slept.

The next day some rocks made some water do physics defying acts. I defied the odds and got everyone to paddle out for:"A view of the lovely lady from the channel". 30 minutes later Johno pulled into a cave and 5 minutes later Cobus pulled into a cave with another cave inside it, they got nailed, 2 minutes later Beyers lost his leash. I defied more odds and got Cobus and Johno to paddle around to the inside. 10 minutes later me and Johno got cleanup by a oceanic behemoth and bodysurfed onto dry ledges and ran for safety. We then stood and laughed at Cobus dodging garage door sized reefbreak shoreys. Afterwards we were tired and scared.

We got the hell outa there before before the Grim Reaper could intervene. Here is a photo of us parked off somewhere in heaven. If you follow the path you get back to earth, which isn't to bad.

27 February 2009

same but different

this wave is so much much fun , always warping tubes diagonally left from the right side up down

the other thing is that the makers of "same but different" are releasing there new project soon
go check out claws and teeth for the latest happenings , should be good

26 February 2009

he does it just for the f@#$ of it

yo peeps

things have been slow , but with these colder mornings starting to push through im in high spirits for the approaching season , AUTUMN

this is the season i miss when she passes by and the season i look forward too with longing in my heart , soft offshore breeze's with powerful ground swells drifting on to our latest discovery's

but enough of the future , at the moment things look bleak , no real swell for the next week
so this is the situation

pictures from the past will be uploaded daily , they will consist of empty's mostly , empty's in all there shapes and sizes

here is the first , this is a secret little reef in the boland that is fickle as

but when she turns on it is pits and air bowls

have a go

20 February 2009

baby blue

15 February 2009

the atlantic ocean is the second largest of the world's oceans

and one of the coldest , but still many people brave the swells it offers and 2day was no diffrent.
this is what i saw through my viewfinder

good right

unknown on good left

14 February 2009

on a more positive note

my dad being the cool cat he is gave me his camera body to use till my finances play them self out ,

so i went to the beach 2day to check out the compo (boland trails) and saw some good surfing go down ,
my friend thomas degenaar dominated the final and in so doing took the cake home , here is a snapshot of him boosting in the final

did i mention he is a rather funny looking chap

the updates have been slow lately seeing it is summer , back to class and other minor technical difficulties , there will be a flood of goodness coming soon so stay tuned

peace my friends

the day i lost my camera

so earlier this week i got my fish eye lens and decided 2 go for a walk
strolling along i come across baboons having what we would call in human terms
@#$%^&* , so in one of my not so bright moments i move in to get a national geographic cover shot ,
which i didnt get by the way ,
the alpha male not impressed with my intrusion decides to attack my skinny ass .

i trip over a rock and stumble into the lagoon , losing my camera , my toe nail and my dignity

for those who dont know what a baboon is , they are closely related to us , have the strength of samson when his hair was long and teeth that will bite through your neck and leave you bleeding to death after they pissed on you to mark their territory

here is the picture for the curious

ps. my fisheye survived and my memory card , so water angles coming soon

07 February 2009

summer weakend frills

this morning was a fucken scramble of the massses much like muslims to the mecca the crowds decsended upon the holy grail of the boland .....A dog eat dog enviroment , the grommys resembling angolans raiding a maize farm there was terror.... heres the highlights out of a generally lowlighted day of mass human congregation .....

tiaan farken kriegler . dont fuck with him. he scored almost every golden wave there was and grinded them with rage.....

stephanie had a squirt or two.... nice air