23 June 2009


on a journey ,
no real destination ,
just the vastness of the unknown ,
what reveals itself along the road will be documented where possible ,
blog updates will be the last priority for the next 3weeks but there will be
and they will most possibly contain goodness sweeter than honey
i leave you with this image


22 June 2009

medium for xpression

go out there and carve the fuck out of it ,
launch out of some bowls ,
bash the end sections ,
scoop in to some tunnels ,
approach it anyway you want ,
you are a artist ,
and have the raddest medium for self xpression ,
hell yeah

pic: j mellish

21 June 2009

something from autumn

endless possibilities

mind surf galore

18 June 2009

you dont need to know how to ride a bicycle to enjoi it

here we have adam morley , i don't know if he can ride a bicycle but he sure knows how to ride a piece of meticulously shaped foam

16 June 2009

36 chambers

to all you fools out there who haven't listened to the WU TANG CLAN
or who don't appreciate the rawness they bring
plse stop reading , because if i find you
you will experience


14 June 2009

like fish that swim in lazy circles

stefan roos in mid bounch

a image of dan worsley from way back flip,
my friend derek van zyl snapped this shot on a warm summers day
while i was enjoing the british winter a few years ago


13 June 2009

random shizz

yesterday arvo

not yesterday arvo


from the archives


10 June 2009

fisheye barrel shot with chunk of mountain as background

all that needs to be said is that this wave is much bigger than what it looks
ok ok im a pussy , but what does this matter to you ?
maybe it makes you feel strong ?
or maybe just maybe
you are the pussy

09 June 2009

sunrays in winter

go for a walk in the forest pick some fungus , eat it , go for a late arvo surf and enjoy the colors
easy as that

some late arvo color with a bit of tube time


07 June 2009

sunshine surfers

this is the time of year where people ask me and i am sure you too ,
is it not to cold to go for a surf ?
but it is raining , arnt you scared you gonna catch a cold ?
well you already know the answer

me and my good friend beyers connecting up in our backyard for a before sunset sesheon where the sky was so dark from cloud and imminent rain you could barely see the shore ,

while the masses of the population enjoi 7de laan

where were you ?

ps. 7de laan is a soapy many south africans enjoi watching for some obscure reason

04 June 2009

02 June 2009

i said 23

haha , so funny , the funniest shit happen yesterday
how to start the story ?

ok , so yesterday i met up with two characters (adam and bjion) from the mosselbay area to go score some waves . adam has the car but no licence , says that he doesnt need one cause he got bjion the chauffeur , beyers and stefan also came a long for the drive .

me and the chauffeur playing with the shadows

housten was also there getting his scoop on before he leaves for the world down under

adam : dont need to be able to drive a car to cruise on the boog
he did a little jump cutty for this shot , no spray

beyers on the smallest wave i have seen him ride in a long time
o the joy

now for the funny part , we get back to stellenbosch and only have R23 between us
so the chauffeur tells the guy , R23 diesel plse
the guy does his job and we pay him
this is what followed
guy : NO , more money
chauffeur : what you mean more money ?
i told you R23
guy : NO , R320
chauffeur : what the fuck you mean , how the fuck ?
this went on for 20min
then we had to wait for them to pump the diesel out
what a funny freaking slep