30 May 2009


johno claims this is the best waves he has ever scored on a trip with me , even goes as far as to say some of the best waves he has ever scored ,
now i would like to argue this claim , but the fact that it was good cant be denied
this is the only image to prove we where there ,

blue mayo , eat your heart out

angles from hell

the photography population in SA is starting to grow , i like this
so many angles , its sick
go to frothspot and check the post perspective for more angles of this sucker air

housten flying and the spextator looking on

29 May 2009


this image wont mean much to you
but it sure will if you see the view from the other side
you'll just have to wait a little bit longer

and this is some of the shit oozing out from what is underway in the pipeline


28 May 2009

what ?

this is the scenario , updates will become less
why , we love frequent updates so much ? haha , there is some crazy shit in the pipeline
what , tell me ? no i wont , haha
plse give me a clue ? fuck off and look at the image below , believe me it's gonna be sick

so when will it manifest ? after winter i believe
ps. updates will be made as regularly as the project allows

24 May 2009


everybody download and steal the pictures anyway , so here you go .
click on the image , save it , set as background
and then set it to tile for best effect

21 May 2009


this is some of the funk from this morning

this is some of the funk from yesterday

check labels for riders identity

this is some of the funk from a week ago

and there is jus more and more funk on thee way
mad new concept in progress

20 May 2009

boogy flicks are cool

and this one takes the "PASTICHE" , its so fresh , it makes me think of good music , the more you listen the better it gets , i cant wait to watch more and more , it's art , i got the one with the limited edition cover 2day , 2 stoked , it's art , with it came a booklet with sick images , it's sick ,
it's art

the sky was ridiculously different today and made for some arty water shots
mark mccarthy reverse

crazy sky

19 May 2009

got these shots of mark so decided to send him a few words and see how he respondes ,

lets see
Cape Town? Blue gums Durban? Curries The shark island debacle? Heart breaking Style? Everything Contest? Exciting Travel? Addictive Local? South Africa

any high tech board design on its way? Colours shape core ?

2009 is going to be all time, I got my new boards last week and just so stoked with them! The template is amazing and the new colours are really pimping. This year Science is coming out with a Crescent and Pin tail. I have been testing out many different templates with a crescent tail, trying to come up with the right formula to get the full potential out of the crescent tail board in small and big waves. Mike Stewart and I finally were able come up with a crescent tail, high performance board. McCarthy Crescent tail template makes for one of the fastest boards around that works in all conditions. The Crescent PE has great flex in colder water.

fruit bowl's anybody?

18 May 2009


honestly believe they say the swell is gonna be big so they can make money of us , hahaha
so there i stood looking at the wave we wanted to score not breaking , bummer
but there was swell none the less
look at this beachy that was infested by cooks
this is by far the coolest thing i saw , a canine not so far removed from the wolf they all originally came from , genetically that is

and a super rad clean car with other enthusiasts on the dunes

radicool boogy related images coming soon


16 May 2009

HQ and IQ is the same as Q(H+I)

study times are so different , after sitting at the desk from early in the morning till late afternoon , sipping on green tea and jasmine , taking the occasional break to play with the fisheye and eat from the nutritional broth prepared earlier , you start to enter a mental state not that different from a low dosage of fungus ,
therefore i can not complain

this is the sheepalign HQ/bedroom/study enviroment

the table with books and red cup that in combination has mind altering effects

a picture taken with the fisheye of my screen during a short break , this is a friend at a newly discoverd lefthand beast

red yellow green , yes mon

15 May 2009

moving banks

here we have my fav beachy doing an impersonation of a cobra getting ready to lunge and attack.
now everybody knows there is decent swell on the way , this is cool but
yes there is a but
after the swell this wave will be gone and sorely missed till the next sunny season
goodbye summer fruit bowls

14 May 2009

the froth is back

look at that thing , it is so cool , 1 , capture some rad shit , 2 , floats , 3 , orange , 4 , gangster , 5 , lives under my bed , 6 , traveled more in 1 month than a inbred hillbilly , 7 , houses a fisheye at times , 8 , got sheepalign written on it , 9 , it's only friend is me , 10 , doesnt bleed

blue , white , green

so the housten/jared/jerry has decided to refresh his approach to the frothspot ,
keep an eye out there............he's got ideas


i honestly am dumbstruck , had a million things to say and as i sit here my brain doest want to function , maybe my brain malfuctioned from swimming around for 5 hours in icy cold water while the first of many winter breezes cut through me or maybe it's knowing xams start in 5 days and there is swell upon swell making its way towards the coastline while i study genetics.
maybe i should create a frankenstein mother f%^ker to write my xam for me , mmmmmm

cheers im of , gotta go build something........mwhaahahahaha
ps. stefanus roos in n weskus doos.
for all my english speaking friends, doos means box and weskus means west coast,
so what im saying is that he is chilling in a westcoastbox mmmmkkkkkkay

13 May 2009

housten we have lift off

this is him doing what he does, some of you know him as jerry others know him as jared, i just like to call him housten

12 May 2009

ok vriende

ek is n boer seun , so in trots vi my taal bring ek n paar prentjies van die golwe wat ons so hou van om te ry en in te speel

hier is souttie johno

hie is die opeenvolg prentjie van johno
kliek om dit grooter te sien

hie is nog n afrikaner toomaas

ag lekker manne
tekkel hom bullie

11 May 2009

no sunshine

all that got detered by this was i thee photog , the others enjoid it fine
here's a teaser

thomas launching

j mellish

markus watts

jared/jerry fisheye

gotta hit the books , this is the pussy shit from 2day , cant decide if i want to show you more
will just have to wait and see

10 May 2009

the great 1 hundred

why do humans love 100 so much , in cricket they want a 100 runs , companys want to be that old , friends look to see who can get a 100 shags from a 100 different girls first , geeks want to get a 100 in their tests , 100 100 100
we'll 2day is the day for the 100th post on sheepalign , im happy and i cant understand it , hahaha i'll jus credit the good ol 1 hundred for this joyous feeling
here is a picture i love and have been saving for awhile ,
it's awesome ,
style master tiaan oozing boogy madness

boogy = fun

misty pits on mothers day

local boy werner ardendorf enjoing the spoils

stefan parking

jared flying

beyers on a cracker

brandon keyes getting deep

09 May 2009

sheepalign exploration

from now on there will be a BW image showcasing some of the waves encountered on journeys up and down the coast , some of the images will be new others you might have seen before , but all of them will be sick


08 May 2009


this is one of those super good summer waves that will disapper as the winter swells roll in and beat the banks to where ever they go for the chilly season,
but they always return and we will be there to enjoy it when it happens

the new header is up and it is looking good, thanks TOM for the design

07 May 2009


what does the chilly season mean to you ?
lazy days in front of the fire place sipping on hot soup and watching the telly or is it what it is to us ?
the opportunity to get bigger pits and air bowls than the year before , pushing yourself over shallow ledges with icy offshore breezes in your face
experiencing nature at is rawest
basically the picture below , jus ten fold


06 May 2009

quick sticks

i wish this was true of UNI which only seems to keep you busy for tooooo long , but balance is starting to come into play and this will be reflected in the next few weeks as a few ideas start to manifest , all these ideas can be summed up as entertainment for the whole family , hehe
maybe not the whole family but for anyone who is interested in the boogs , mad fun and Omeeega good times..........

winter is on our doorstep , so let the rawness commence

01 May 2009


yo peeps , i know the posts have been thin lately , boooooo
dont want to make excuses lets just say differentiation of trigonometric functions , time in the lab and between the biology books has eaten all my sanity and on tuesday when i conquer the beast and rise again you will get showered in madness all the time , mwhhahahaha

for now i leave you with Henkus