30 March 2009

eaten by the shocky

check out this teaser it's rad, what makes it even more sweet is that mr mellish is featured, he is the figurine tucking into a box pit and then gets chowed by the shocky, hahaha

primordial soup

not the same wave but a different angle of the same thing the primordial soup, o how we love paddling around in this washing machine like movement

unknown sitting where you wanted to be, there is really someone in there

unridden, look at that bowl, would you hit it?

29 March 2009

i lied

said i (will) never post small shit again...small is part of us, we are composed of trillions of microscopic atoms and bacteria that work 2gether to function properly, a by product of evolution if you will, you are not a single but a multiple...

a empty no one wanted


beyers with the world at his feet


28 March 2009

Save Me.

I'm tired of you, I want to light a pyre under you, I want to watch you burn, I want to wave goodbye for the last time, I want to hear you yell my name, I want to get you out of here, I want to rid myself of you, I am saying goodbye, goodbye photo. Hahaha.

The C-Files.

Save the Queen

27 March 2009

angles from the water

thanks to Ian Thurtell for constructing my underwater housing , good job man so i went for a little swim, u know, jus to test out how she handles and got this angle of my mate Jean Bester, i know it is small but hey that is life.

i will never bore you with small shit ever again...

come on winter, bring us beastmasters, whooohooo

25 March 2009

Stone Age.

Got some photo's all the way from the Stone Age of 2007 over here. 'Ain't much else to say, most overhyped wave south of the equator. There is a bigass rock at the takeoff and after that it kinda goes deep.

Myself with some serious shiny face sindrome.

Coooobus Bosman cruising like 'ee always does.

22 March 2009

Yea time.

Woot, we beat Australia by more than a innings, it's the first time this has happened to them in 11 years. Shit like this is important. Haahaa, unlcuky Ricky Ponting. Anyway, due to waiting for Camera X to become waterproof I started sifting through my age old photo archives.

This wave makes a A-frame on a reef. This wave was also onshore. This was not al that great.

This evening was BBC prime time glossy. I don't think my sweet camera's auto function knew what the hell was going on. If you look beyond the pretty pictures you may witness that I have created a contrast between the 3 fotos. Mad uploading skillz.

This wave is the ultimate myth. Many a historian has tried to pin-point its exact location, but to no avail, this might be due to the fact that the required swell and wind direction only happen once every ice-age.


We beat Australia, good times! By more a innings


Why can't we bowl out Mitchell Johnson? He is been smacking the living daylights out of our bowlers and Australia was well enroute to losing a test match by more than a innings for the first time in 11 years. We have a Johnson problem, folks. Bloody cricket.

Oh and the Sheepalign overseer has granted me more rights and now the colours are awfull, my bad.

dead lock

there is absolutly nothing left to share , this blog will go into submission till i get back my housing and some decent swells push through that impress, life is full of suprises and a few things might still happen none the less

sorry folks

19 March 2009

one man's rubbish is another man's gold

this is my gold in the making , look at that dome , jus look at it , fish eye , fish eye , fish eye , big pits , death slabs , wedges , charging , charging harder , beast , demonic beast , shallow , deep , channel , fish eye , extended leg , scoops , boosts , fish eye , fish eye , capture , it , all , sweet , fish eye , sweet , mother , mary , boost , divine , devilish , behaviour , madness , peace , love , fish eye , big , fucking , dome , capture , it , all , twisted , mental , abstract , refraction , contorted , sex , karma , sutra , chronic , hills , intoxicated , linear , projection , big , dome , peace

18 March 2009

yeti the wave

my friend sent me this link of a cool wave somwhere in north america check it out, real nice gets a man amped to go on some exploration misheons, finding some abominable reef type shit, scooping and exploring the bowls of some nasty beast


17 March 2009

now they call you broken face

this lil wave cant really get that big, but should that be a problem ?
look at the shape on that sucker, and one of the most loved waves on the south coast of nsw doesnt get that big either, yet pros flock there in the masses when it turns on no pros flock here though, maybe it's because they dont know where it is, hahaha

15 March 2009


If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

And that right there is some wisdom for y'all to bask in on this fine Sunday morning. I didn't like my totally badass "Iplantedtheflowersonyourgrave" tag thing anymore so I changed it. Hellz; times are a changing! I once changed my clothes so that I can change the way girls look at my mad fashion sense, but it didn't change much. Hence we can draw the conclusion that change does not always lead to more change. Thus we can concur that change is a changing habit. Heh?

Good times. I am officially 20 years old now and I don't really care. Booze killed me again and now I am nursing the wounds. Which means I am almost to lazy to put on a photo to accompany my post, but that would be preposterous. So here is one.

Old cellphone picture I took of a setup out of some coffee table book. Looks interresting I rate.

in time

this slab was there before our forefathers colonised this country , bushman probably use to walk past it long before they got killed out , and this slab will continue break long after where gone
but does this wave exist in time if there is no one to perceive it ?


yes peeps, qwaz thee immortal is the feline in the middle of the pic, she is a baby kitten that crossed paths with me and now chooses to eat sardines and express her self with mental acrobatic abilities in the sheepalign studio and surrounds behind her is a blender i like to use to make all types of crazy tasting smoothies and bhang lassi concoctions to perceive life in it's different shades and there in the left hand corner of the pic you will see the most exciting thing, a dome shaped port specially designed for fisheye optics , yes that is correct, a waterhousing is being built for my rig so you can see all the madness going down from new angles imagine what this west coast slab would have looked like if i was drifting around in that cold blue water in the danger zone, sick as mate, sick as

this wave is really not as good as she looks, dont even go look for her it will be a waste of time, honestly you have so much beter things to do like watching tellie, browsing the net, etc etc

11 March 2009

fried eggs

so we got a nomadic adventurer stuck in the snow enjoying the finer things in life , he has taken to snow sculpting and is probably carving a monstorous luna esque ice statue with a nuggan end bowl somewhere in the icy canadian hills , who knows , only time will tell

and a friendly word of advice , try not to piss on electric fences
if you do the heading might jus become reality

thank you

10 March 2009


Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Christopher Arthur Eric James, a resident of Sydney and a lover of heaps of weird shit, and a bit of cool stuff too like throwing my corpse into ocean lumps, bending my arm into liquor fueled mayhem etc etc....

Cobus has been naive enough to throw me an account on this blog so i'm going to run rampant whenever i can for the next little section while i am landlocked smack bang in the middle of Canada for the next 2 weeks.... After enjoying a little time out in Hawaii with some good friends such as Chris 'sweet dick willy' Wilson, Max 'Gruggy' Arent and sweetheart Lyndsey 'Lynno' Paradise i've locked myself in for some sub zero temps with today being -25.....

As I sit here enjoying a morning coffee i gaze over a few pics old mate Matt Ryan has emailed me from a little session out Lunatic Park from several moons back.... This is making me hungry to slide into some f#*king wild tubes and maybe throw a few jumps in too.

enjoy the following pics and i'll type to you later

gee-rizz xoxox


humans love pictures , the power of them is that different pictures provoke different feelings and thought processes in the human psyche , it becomes a stimulant

you the reader come here to see more pictures , the other places you look is not enough , you need more and more to fill that need
it's the same with all you porn addicts , you love your porn and the more you watch the more you want , you are a bunch of dirty c@#ts and you know this
i'm sure if this blogspot mixed in some asian porn the hits will go sky high , on second thought i might jus do this for additional entertainment purposes , comment if you would like this service ?

they also capture moments you dont necessarily want the world to see

alas , pictures are and have become a part of us , without them many will fall into depression and die

so to make sure you get your dosage of pictures from a different source than us i invited a friend over to this blogspot to share and entertain the masses with moments captured and in his possession

who is this friend you ask ,you'll jus have to wait for his first post

when this is gonna be i dont know , we work on a do what you want when you want policy........


09 March 2009


Woot, I sifted through a box with some golden oldy stuff in it. Didn't really find anything, haha, except my 'ole Half Life 2 Collectors Edition! I had thought that Gordon Freeman had long gone to the abyss where all lost things go, but he's a tuff cat to put down. Gordon is without a doubt my favourite game character and I can only hope to achieve half of the deeds he has. Long live the Freeman! (Oversized steam updates might cap me and render me unable to update, not that that's a bad thing.) It's pretty silly, because I have the game on PS3 aswell, but yea whatever. Notin liek a game of CS:Source, woot, I'm going to go look for waves now.

08 March 2009


I spend the majority of my morning choking on my poridge and spraying it over my screen laughing myself all the way to heavan at http://spitroasted.blogspot.com
It might offend some; so through a blindeye if your soft. Gentlemen, good luck and good night.


G'day Friends and foes. Winds are a pumpin in the Boland, waves are bogus and Uni is in full swing. Combining all of this in a bowl might make a lesser man buckle under the strain, fear not for I am strong and so is my writing hand. Hahaha. Jeepers, I wonder if anyone actually gives a fat donkey turd what people write on their blogs. Anyway lets talk some local bodyboarding. After giving the photos a glance I have come to the conclusion that me and Johno virtually invert the same. This is bad. Why is this bad? It means we are conditioned, anti-radicool, mainstream orientated bodyboarders. That is why it's bad. I'm going to claim I started first and that Johno is in actual fact copying me. Hahaha, this might leed to a heated debate, but let's have some photographic evidence.

On second thought, I now see they don't really look the same. Haha. All-the-same I really despise posting myself. I'm not sure how people run a personal blog, I'd get a vanity attack. This is me by-the-way. Werd.

This is Johno. Now there is someone I like posting, cozz I can burn his ass on the web! Woot. Anyway he got this wave at the end of the session, after about a 30 minute no-wave period. I was so stoked after seeing this that I paddled my way to shore.

And last, but certainly not least, is Party Animal Stefan Roos. Stefan has some prime real estate in >3ft waves. Hahahaha. As seen here. He also has a backflip he keeps in his body that would make you mother jealous, heck, I don't even look at him catch waves sub 3ft cozz I know he'zz goin to flip it and it's going to look better than everyone else's. Mad skills and one funny chap.

In non-relating news: I went to watch Watchmen last night, it was good. Zack Snyder makes such classy movies that I want to drool in the cinema's. A-grade story telling that makes you really feel involved with the story and face some moral dilema's within yourself. Roarshack has such a awesome script that I'm going to go print his lines now, haha. It is pretty hit and miss though and some folk are obviously not going to be able enjoy it (Cozz they are constipated, heehee).
Futhermore, I got the new A Day to Remember cd, Homesick, which I origanilly thought was pretty cool, but not as good as the previous 2. They are a pop/hardcory band, which means some super catchy lines backed up by some gutteral screamin. I like 'em 'cause it's super fun. This cd is quite a grower (grows on you), but it has some pretty hot darn bad songs which earn a instant skip. There are however 3 or 4 songs that keep you coming back for more and might 'cause you to sing (try) along, headbang on some rad breakdowns and just having fun with music in the air.

On a final not, VAT is a really complex matter, but I'm coming to grips with it. So don't you think that 14% on the price tags is just fun and games, oh no siree!

06 March 2009

those who read the fine print

at the bottom corner of the newest riptide might have noticed "waves to surf before you die" and then the name of many different waves around the planet ,
south africa gets 2 mentions , the one is cave rock in durban and the other is the one and only DEVIL'S HORN
hahahahahaahhahaaaa , only discovered recently and set to dominate the world media soon.

my inbox is full of hopefulls trying to pinpoint the location of this beast , unfortunately for you guys the farmer doesnt like strangers snooping on his farm and carry's his double barrel shotgun everywhere he goes jus in case there is something to kill.......

getting on his bad side would be very similar to standing infront of the wave pictured below , bad for your health

look at that godforsaken explosion , it's like something from the discovery channel "when stars are born"

tread lightly

04 March 2009

The grass is green.

As another day comes to a close, another Uni test is threatening my horizon. The prospect of a test makes man do funny things. Like - say - procrastination. Now I have heard a quote that reads as follows: "Procrastination is like mastrubation, in the end you just end up screwing yourself". Haha. Anyway in a few instances it is highly beneficial and this is one of those instances, depending on your stance towards this blog is.

Henk with elegant weight transfer in a juicy lil pocket!

Henk again with another display of oceanic mastery - class!

Johno is far too young to be intune with the ocean: Johno + blind luck!

Tomas Degenaar is funny chap to watch on a boogy, he has radicool raw technique and isn't governed by style. I am under the impression that this roll had him hanging around in the air until he made brutal contact with the flats. Radicool!

02 March 2009

Soft and in need of love.

The more immediate area has been more or less on fire for the last 2 weeks. Apart from some seriously funky smelling homes and living in a permanent eclipse, 'tis not to bad! As pictured, the smoky skies make for some soft colours and some even softer waves. Cobus took some convincing, but eventually some well chosen words had him in the passenger seat along with his Olympus. Hence there are photo's to share! Ho ho ho, you must think christmas is early this year! If you aren't thinking that - well - then your probably like me who doesn't believe in christmas and is kinda bummed that people chop down millions of trees to get the festive mood going. Nonetheless, we have photos!

A backlit-type of photo!

A soft-colours-complimenting-the-spray type of photo!

A Johno-can't-really-backflip-backwash type of photo!

A pink-spray + I-wish-I-was-coming-in-on-that-sidewall type of COMBO photo!

Probably the 4 best damn photos on the face of the planet right now! Yaowh.

01 March 2009

Things from another time.

Sometime ago me and two friends went for a little 2 day frolick into the great somewhat known wilderness.

The sun rose in a most pleasing way and we felt content.

We got some sandbar action, myself enjoying a most appealing view.

On the second day, we awoke to a wet day. On that second day, we drove our car home.

The end.