31 July 2009



30 July 2009

ok lads

Here is a small wave that gets big but always breaks below sea level.

29 July 2009

arvo wedge

Nothing on the stuff they have been scoring over in Cali, but still nice to look at

and a hefty beatdown

28 July 2009

2 suits

Ok, so the water looked cold, icy cold that is
and Tiaan thought 2 suits is the way to go, hehehe

tiaan flip

27 July 2009

crossing borders

for me this is the sweetest part , just love crossing borders
Everything is fresh and new, even if it's just crossing a river that separates 2 countries,
the beer is sweeter, the coast is more desolate, the natives look different and
you find the most expensive town in the world, the prices where so ridiculous
i cant even utter it, steer clear of AUS, yes it is the name of a place.
Namibia, there aren't many towns and the ones that are there are miles apart,
just straight roads with a kink now and again.
here are some images from Namibia, unfortunately for you guys I wasn't too dedicated behind the lens on this trip, waves where pumping and i couldn't care less,
well to be honest that is why there arent that many action shots from the trip at all, oooops









windhoek cord

sunset wreck


26 July 2009

so on

We drove only to see amazing headlands with potential to harbour some sick setups surrounded by fence, dream on


But there are stretches of accessible coast that deliver some good beach breaks, this particular one was infested with sharks, couldn't believe it, must have been the big river mouth


Oh well, the drive continued towards the border of namibia,
we'll be there soon


25 July 2009

Rainbow Nation

There appears to be alot of sentiment with the exposure of the west coast slab,
and understandably so, I mean what is better than surfing with just you and your mates out?
but this little debacle goes a bit deeper, this is standups exploiting a wave know for bodyboarding, is it not?


But to be honest does it come as a surprise?
obviously not, I mean
every tom dick and harry knows where it was and sooner or later standups who want
more of a challenge than kalk bay was gonna show up there and have a dig.
wouldn't you if you found the co ordinates to a wave of interest?
go there, check what it is about and if it proofed to be good have a dig,
is it gonna bother you that others don't want you to surf "their" wave
fuck no, obviously not
but it is still important to show respect to the pioneers of this shit
hooray for pioneers


Secondly, if you look at the international scene, the ozzie one especially you will notice a trend towards surfing the heavier waves on offer, there is also a wave or two that was once thought to be bodyboarding waves,
there is nothing wrong with this, but there is also nothing right about it, it is only natural
as you progress you seek out bigger challenges,
and in this case waves bodyboarders proofed surfable before other wave riders.


It's the 21st century, the days of apartheid is gone, the lines have been blurred
so go out and find something heavier and fresh
but remeber folks always show respect,
hell yeah

22 July 2009



20 July 2009

ugly betty


17 July 2009

blitzing rhino

i can tell you about my day, but believe me you dont want to know,
it's not about waves or beautifull birds,
so instead i leave you with this image of Corey Smith at blackrock
happy weekend


15 July 2009


if you ate shit loads of twinkies the chances of you
getting these floating early morning aerials down is squat
but it sure is nice now that the images have gone on a twinkie binging parade




It's been a while since I've made a post, but seeing as I can't sleep I thought I'd give it a bang. There has been a whole lot going on in our camp and once some of it becomes available to the mainstream it sure to blow minds. More recently we (Cobus, myself, Beyers and Johno) went to the wild West Coast for a few weeks all in the name of exploring and seeing if there is anything worthwhile to plunder and raid. It was by no means a easy ride, but it was pretty solid and there does seem to be the odd moments of oceanic potential up there. We will probably start filtering some photo's through from the trip in the coming weeks, it was defnitely not the most wave rich experience ever but we did manage some sessions.
One of the most unsatisfying things (of the trip) are the damned diamond areas. I've never been big on the whole patriotic thing, but it really bums a man out when there are vast stretches of really lucrative coastline behind endless lines of fences and barb wire that you can't access. This causes a whole mental dilemma when your standing beside the road looking at a amazing headland 5K's away and you know there is no way to get there. You/we are in a way being denied access to vast pieces of our own country's coastline, which is pretty shit. Don't buy diamonds people! Think it's time to go East Coast, no diamond mines there right? (Plus there is that sexy wave that's featuring lots in the ZigZag at the moment)

14 July 2009

SIC day 1 video

stefan roos doing a mega flip onto dry reef
the reef broke and stefan smiled
get some suckers

12 July 2009

bruce's beauties

this is bruce and he is the gatekeeper of gates you want access to

dont need a key for this wave

tiaan enjoi the spoils behind the gate

johno settting up

i the photog spent more time on the boog than behind the lens
whaaahaaa , it was good

for more shots and details to get access follow this link

11 July 2009

1am is the start

of SIC webcast south african time , go wrap your eyes around it , should be solid and wet pumping shark island dredgers

10 July 2009

breaking it down slowly

the trip started with what they call no luck
day one stuck in mud , day two greeted with a flat battery
and day three ?
well that is a totally different story
found the coolest setup ,
a right hand wedgy as fuck reef that loves handing out beatings and air bowls

this is not the wedgy as fuck righthand but bruce's beauties
and gives a good idea of the quality of waves on offer if your willing to xplore
now for me this is what the whole trip was about , exploration
pinpointing spots up and down the coast for future expeditions
and that is perfectly suited to the boooooooooog ,
fooook yeah ,
more to follow in sporadic bursts of inspiration

09 July 2009

acclimatization to civilization in progress

ok , so a return is made from a 14 day journey up the coast , pissed in deserted roads , saw some shipwrecks , desert animals and all types off shit you never seen , hahaha
since arriving back people have been talking about all these waves they scored , did we score ?
we'll once the brain starts functioning in a rational way and a sense of purpose engulfs the mind
everything will be revealed

so for now i leave you with this msg i found in my inbox from some anonymous sender , could it be Michael Jackson trying to break through with some arbitrary shit from the nether realm

look at these cunts
as i feel the effects a bong has on my mind ( parents out) i walk around
pseudo hunger attacks so i add some calories
i then watch tv
and have a wank
i think to myself there some mint shit going down on sheepalign at the moment
i think what cunts
who these cunts ?? im just directing my thoughts towards general public
a sort of scepticism towards all that isnt fucking A

08 July 2009

SIC underdog

housten housten housten
so the SIC has entered the waiting period and good fella housten is in there waiting and frothing for some long kegs and big air bowls at the infamous shark island ,
check out the live webcast for all the action
o it should bee a cracker

wildcard entree housten keeping a low profile in the west coast mist