22 December 2008

2 days

later while me and a friend where 4x4ing it out in search of some jewels , we crossed paths with this gem doing it's thing

2 guys

where surfing at the bottom of the cliffs and i happen to have my camera ,
here is a picture of each , enjoi

alan zondag sneaking in

henk esterhuysen sneaking out

17 December 2008

the fool who

went for a drive in search of waves during summer has returned the wiser ,
and yet it'll be done again.
potential setups have been spotted , super sick environment covered and love for isolation has deepened
fuck home if you have petrol money

oversized bloukop koggelmander

local psychedelic flora

add an extra 4ft ,some offshore and you'd think this is some tropical shit right there

11 December 2008


08 December 2008

during my drives

up and down the coast in search of the slabbiest beast and nuggan look alike,
i have only encountered the beast and to my surprise the sickest beach breaks imaginable ,
here is a picture of uber bowls , a left hand wedge in the valley's of WC

04 December 2008


there are no fresh action shots in my foto album ,
so all i can do to keep the familiars familiar is post a few frames
of empty's i have come across on road trips from earlier this year

ps. all the waves shown where surfed and enjoyed to there fullest

01 December 2008

there is a wave

down under that gets so freaking crowded you cant breathe
even if it is avg to bad , and yet on the rare occasion you and a friend can score it with no one out while it is absolutely ape
mark mcCarthy and i was one of those lucky souls
o the joy
mark taking full advantage of a blackrock end bowl earlier that day (crowds and avg)
the stoke on our faces after an arvo of uncrowded perfection