17 December 2008

the fool who

went for a drive in search of waves during summer has returned the wiser ,
and yet it'll be done again.
potential setups have been spotted , super sick environment covered and love for isolation has deepened
fuck home if you have petrol money

oversized bloukop koggelmander

local psychedelic flora

add an extra 4ft ,some offshore and you'd think this is some tropical shit right there


  1. the wave pictured was taken in onshore conditions..........

  2. how long ago was that taken?

  3. dude do you have a 4 x 4? got some many spots plotted out on google earth and some been too but need 4 x 4 again or a looot of water and walking..haha... mark clark

  4. unfortunately i dont , but luckily some of my associates do
    but yes 4x4 is essential if you want to get to those sweet setups you check on g earth

    walking is the future........