02 June 2009

i said 23

haha , so funny , the funniest shit happen yesterday
how to start the story ?

ok , so yesterday i met up with two characters (adam and bjion) from the mosselbay area to go score some waves . adam has the car but no licence , says that he doesnt need one cause he got bjion the chauffeur , beyers and stefan also came a long for the drive .

me and the chauffeur playing with the shadows

housten was also there getting his scoop on before he leaves for the world down under

adam : dont need to be able to drive a car to cruise on the boog
he did a little jump cutty for this shot , no spray

beyers on the smallest wave i have seen him ride in a long time
o the joy

now for the funny part , we get back to stellenbosch and only have R23 between us
so the chauffeur tells the guy , R23 diesel plse
the guy does his job and we pay him
this is what followed
guy : NO , more money
chauffeur : what you mean more money ?
i told you R23
guy : NO , R320
chauffeur : what the fuck you mean , how the fuck ?
this went on for 20min
then we had to wait for them to pump the diesel out
what a funny freaking slep

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