14 February 2009

the day i lost my camera

so earlier this week i got my fish eye lens and decided 2 go for a walk
strolling along i come across baboons having what we would call in human terms
@#$%^&* , so in one of my not so bright moments i move in to get a national geographic cover shot ,
which i didnt get by the way ,
the alpha male not impressed with my intrusion decides to attack my skinny ass .

i trip over a rock and stumble into the lagoon , losing my camera , my toe nail and my dignity

for those who dont know what a baboon is , they are closely related to us , have the strength of samson when his hair was long and teeth that will bite through your neck and leave you bleeding to death after they pissed on you to mark their territory

here is the picture for the curious

ps. my fisheye survived and my memory card , so water angles coming soon

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