28 February 2009

Adapt or die.

So Cobus send me some uncropped oversized photo's that fill up my inbox and lessens the virtual space I have on the world wide web. Hence, I have decided to process them into a tale. Not just any tale, oh no. A tale of valour, honour and knightly sires. A tale of heroes!

A long time ago I had been biding my time in the fair land of South Africa, overseeing events in the area and tending to the herds, whilst noble knight, Cobus Bosman, and his faithfull slave, Johno Mellish, had gone on a crusade to the promised land. Many moons rose and once or twice a pidgeon made it back bearing news from shores faraway. Then one night, whilst I was peacefully enjoying a particularly good read, a pidgeon came bearing most delightfull news. My compadres' luck seemed to have turned sour and they had set sail back home. But lo! For they did not set sail back idly, using astronomy they perceived that a storm was brewing due east of the Southern Americas. As fortune goes, they would arrive as the swells rolled onto the shores of South Africa. And now I'm tired of typing like a tit.

Cobus and Johno got home jetlagged and made me drive. We got there when it was dark. My dirtroad driving was on par with the late Colin McCrae.

Cobus had a new pair of fins, board and suit. I was jealous. He also paddled out first. I was in doubt.

Either Cobus has a pretty good contract with god or we were just shit outa luck, 'cause he got ones like these while we were spending the majority of our time in the white wash observing. Afterwards we were tired and slept.

The next day some rocks made some water do physics defying acts. I defied the odds and got everyone to paddle out for:"A view of the lovely lady from the channel". 30 minutes later Johno pulled into a cave and 5 minutes later Cobus pulled into a cave with another cave inside it, they got nailed, 2 minutes later Beyers lost his leash. I defied more odds and got Cobus and Johno to paddle around to the inside. 10 minutes later me and Johno got cleanup by a oceanic behemoth and bodysurfed onto dry ledges and ran for safety. We then stood and laughed at Cobus dodging garage door sized reefbreak shoreys. Afterwards we were tired and scared.

We got the hell outa there before before the Grim Reaper could intervene. Here is a photo of us parked off somewhere in heaven. If you follow the path you get back to earth, which isn't to bad.

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