14 May 2009


i honestly am dumbstruck , had a million things to say and as i sit here my brain doest want to function , maybe my brain malfuctioned from swimming around for 5 hours in icy cold water while the first of many winter breezes cut through me or maybe it's knowing xams start in 5 days and there is swell upon swell making its way towards the coastline while i study genetics.
maybe i should create a frankenstein mother f%^ker to write my xam for me , mmmmmm

cheers im of , gotta go build something........mwhaahahahaha
ps. stefanus roos in n weskus doos.
for all my english speaking friends, doos means box and weskus means west coast,
so what im saying is that he is chilling in a westcoastbox mmmmkkkkkkay

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