19 May 2009

got these shots of mark so decided to send him a few words and see how he respondes ,

lets see
Cape Town? Blue gums Durban? Curries The shark island debacle? Heart breaking Style? Everything Contest? Exciting Travel? Addictive Local? South Africa

any high tech board design on its way? Colours shape core ?

2009 is going to be all time, I got my new boards last week and just so stoked with them! The template is amazing and the new colours are really pimping. This year Science is coming out with a Crescent and Pin tail. I have been testing out many different templates with a crescent tail, trying to come up with the right formula to get the full potential out of the crescent tail board in small and big waves. Mike Stewart and I finally were able come up with a crescent tail, high performance board. McCarthy Crescent tail template makes for one of the fastest boards around that works in all conditions. The Crescent PE has great flex in colder water.

fruit bowl's anybody?

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