30 January 2009

back in town

just got back from a 3 day journey filled with swell coma ideal conditions and at other times not so ideal conditions coma but always good times point

the first day we where met with the most ideal conditions of the trip coma so a few hours was spent driving and looking for the place where the conditions expressed itself the best
and there it was coma solid 6ft dredgers running along a shallow shelf
seeing this in the middle of summer is a feeling i can not even start to express coma so i leave it at that point

i was planning on shooting some high performance wave riding at this particular break but could not resist the waves on over and instead opted to scoop and navigate some rather heaving pits along with the boys coma best thing that has happened all summer point

this picture was taken after enough tube time was clocked to last for awhile coma o the joy point

more to come very soon

coma point

just like to thank busta rhymes when he was still a skinny n@##A and wu tang clan aint nothing to fuck with for entertaining our ears on the first day