31 January 2009


it's 4am and we meet at the fuel station to fill the tanks and get ready to hit the road, 2 of the lads are intoxicated with alcohol and the other 2 on the idea, pits of hell, destination The Horn
driving at high speeds trying to out run the break of dawn and absorbing the landscape we finally reach our first checkout point, siciciccccck, the conditions look perfect, big swell with a brisk offshore blowing

now the roads have change from smooth to rough, bouncing along the gravel keeping an eye on the ocean i realize it's summer , this high up the coast the predictions means absolutely nothing and the wind proves this by starting to dwadel between directions

The Horn is not showing any signs of producing what we traveled for this far, no worries travel further i know a place that loves dwadeling winds and hopefully this swell direction and size,

some of the crew still say this wave "dwadeling winds" must become a constant stop, it is absolutely nuts but the swell was just a lil too big for comfort so we move along further, no worry's friends i say, there is one more place to check, it's a beachbreack i have been sassing out but never surfed, and sure enough there was a wave, to be a hundred percent honest it didnt look that great from the checkout, the wind was a light onshore but the wave was still pushing through hard making bowls and the occasional tube lets surf they scream, look look look at that it's wedging, crazy what the desert sun and lack of sleep does to a man, it's now 3 in the afternoon and i was gonna take pictures even though the light was bad

this is what followed at the beachbreak , enjoi

jus quickly something about the photog, he's is 100 percent amateur and still misses alot of shots and is experimenting with angles and getting use to the manual settings, light levels and the works, but assures you the reader it will only get better, thanks for your understanding

stefan roos did the biggest backflip ever out of this air bowl, and i missed it,
use your imagination plse people, it was huge

from this angle the light was a bit softer, and mister j mellish made the most of it and the freedom home schooling offers
now for a new character, adam morley
he rips and you jus have to make peace with the fact, he loves to party and from what i gather cant even touch his toes, this proves shift focus reality has some merit

this picture does not do this reverse any justice as it is one of the sickest i have witnessed, full rotation into the flats with a super soft landing all this with pure style, thank you very much

and here is something you might like, adam at it again
they claim this is one of the best beachbreaks they have ever surfed and cant wait for the ideal conditions to come together at a place they now refer to as stoners

thanks to jose gonzalez for some peaceful vibes that made driving a joy


  1. nice! a week of flatness over here, wish we had wedges like those coming through right about, NOW!

  2. looks to good cobo!
    Adam killing it.