20 July 2009

ugly betty



  1. please tell me you surfed this?

  2. If your scoop is do-able, haha.

  3. Anonymous21 July, 2009

    You know where this is . Next to tunt

  4. good enough answer. haha. im keen

  5. Anonymous21 July, 2009

    No one surfed coz they all Caves locals, and thats a Left...

  6. If someone would bring a ski along that would be proper cool!

  7. bru please dont expose this spot ;) i think you know what i mean...been out there handful of times on the boat and waiting to hit it again!!

    everyone else, its WAY HEAVIER THEN TANT! My advice play around with Tant around 6 - 10ft for fun before attempting this, super super dangerous no jokes!!!!

  8. Anonymous30 July, 2009

    stay the fuck away from this spot and cobus stop post all the fucking westcoast waves all over the show..

  9. Anonymous said...
    stay the fuck away from this spot and cobus stop post all the fucking westcoast waves all over the show..

    maybe first identify yourself, secondly as far as i am aware and speaking to the locals who are from there we are the only ones who have actually gone out there quite a few times now and paddled it also. Tant is childs play compared to this, funny thing is you guys have no idea how heavy this pic is till you actually go out there and try sit on the reef!!! Well thats if you dont have a boat or ski to keep you on the take off zone cause of all the water movement....besides why arent you aiming and tuning the owes who expose Tant instead of the owes who actually mission and explore for waves. If you are so called from there then why arent you out paddling this day? You know who all the owes are who exposed the spot also....let me guess with some initials...JH...DW...VH are the main culprits. Maybe you should buy yourself a nwe ZigZag and browse the 6 - 8 page article all about tant also. Dont chirp owes till you get things straight and start at the root of the problem.

    and if you talking about not exposing spots why did you send a clue in one of your previous posts?!

  10. wtf is this weird shit westcoast all over the place haha is so funny but what can we do ..awe mark tell them bitches........ ive been out on that left once pretty scarry shit haha ..

    please im really asking nicely anonymous who ever u are (u stay the fuck away) and stop giving ..what is tunt is that ur name ..oh well peace out.

    shaun sobey

  11. yo peeps

    first off , i have never leaked the co-ordinates of this place to anybody and is sure i have not mentioned the name of this place or it's smaller cousin once on this site ?

    secondly , thanks for visiting this blogspot , we are experiencing a record number off hits daily and growing ,
    for those who are so negative plse don't forget to visit this link as it will only fuel your rage

    thirdly , one day when you pass away from this world Jesus will wait for you at the gates of heaven and tell you: young man why did you share all this hate with people that enjoy my creation and share it's beauty with others , i shun you to the depths of hell for your selfish and negative action.
    for those who don't believe in Jesus
    forgive me if i offended you

    fourthly ,this is the most important part of all so read carefully , all donations for petrol money is welcome and can be sent through the pay pal account i will be setting up on this site soon

    thanks for your time
    cobus bosman

  12. haha, Shaun for president of westcoast!! you got my vote ;)

    cobus keep it coming strong, just dont expose small bay next to bigbay next to the lifegaurd tower cause thats my local and thats why you will never seen anyone ever surfing small bay...

    your posts just make me want to go paddle!! dam you no swell this weekend.

    Wander what the wave spot to surfer ratio is on the w.coast?

  13. Anonymous30 July, 2009

    Anonymous said...
    "stay the fuck away from this spot and cobus stop post all the fucking westcoast waves all over the show.."

    if im surfing this wave ill gladly leave the water if i see a "local" pull into a big one here and then tell me to leave but pls refrain from such vulgar language if you dont even surf there . huh..

    cobus is not the first to show a shot of this wave?? becuase of its scaryness factor , farrrrrr location and inconsistency i doubt its gunna get even remotely crowded

    all the other west coast waves where found by the photog and friends so therefore we can expose the spots as much as we like, can we not??

    ps tunt is allready so exposed its practicly anyones game.


  14. Anonymous31 July, 2009

    tant is already exposed. cobus can expose all the other west coast waves ,because he found them .

  15. As long as the locals are respected, and so far we have been. Its really chill when vibes are chill in the water. Guys like mark is awsome to surf with. Always ampd about everything :) lol. As soon as bads are gonna start hasseling in the water, well, things not gonna be too pretty. As for the standsup's, well, not too many guys gonna attempt to surf it. . .

  16. I agree with Cobus.

  17. Thanks for the site Cobus,it make me amped on life!


  18. one love brother , this is for the people