15 July 2009


if you ate shit loads of twinkies the chances of you
getting these floating early morning aerials down is squat
but it sure is nice now that the images have gone on a twinkie binging parade




It's been a while since I've made a post, but seeing as I can't sleep I thought I'd give it a bang. There has been a whole lot going on in our camp and once some of it becomes available to the mainstream it sure to blow minds. More recently we (Cobus, myself, Beyers and Johno) went to the wild West Coast for a few weeks all in the name of exploring and seeing if there is anything worthwhile to plunder and raid. It was by no means a easy ride, but it was pretty solid and there does seem to be the odd moments of oceanic potential up there. We will probably start filtering some photo's through from the trip in the coming weeks, it was defnitely not the most wave rich experience ever but we did manage some sessions.
One of the most unsatisfying things (of the trip) are the damned diamond areas. I've never been big on the whole patriotic thing, but it really bums a man out when there are vast stretches of really lucrative coastline behind endless lines of fences and barb wire that you can't access. This causes a whole mental dilemma when your standing beside the road looking at a amazing headland 5K's away and you know there is no way to get there. You/we are in a way being denied access to vast pieces of our own country's coastline, which is pretty shit. Don't buy diamonds people! Think it's time to go East Coast, no diamond mines there right? (Plus there is that sexy wave that's featuring lots in the ZigZag at the moment)

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