09 July 2009

acclimatization to civilization in progress

ok , so a return is made from a 14 day journey up the coast , pissed in deserted roads , saw some shipwrecks , desert animals and all types off shit you never seen , hahaha
since arriving back people have been talking about all these waves they scored , did we score ?
we'll once the brain starts functioning in a rational way and a sense of purpose engulfs the mind
everything will be revealed

so for now i leave you with this msg i found in my inbox from some anonymous sender , could it be Michael Jackson trying to break through with some arbitrary shit from the nether realm

look at these cunts
as i feel the effects a bong has on my mind ( parents out) i walk around
pseudo hunger attacks so i add some calories
i then watch tv
and have a wank
i think to myself there some mint shit going down on sheepalign at the moment
i think what cunts
who these cunts ?? im just directing my thoughts towards general public
a sort of scepticism towards all that isnt fucking A


  1. could it be mr james?

  2. Anonymous09 July, 2009

    check the piss face on the dessert road... a dude wearing glasses