25 July 2009

Rainbow Nation

There appears to be alot of sentiment with the exposure of the west coast slab,
and understandably so, I mean what is better than surfing with just you and your mates out?
but this little debacle goes a bit deeper, this is standups exploiting a wave know for bodyboarding, is it not?


But to be honest does it come as a surprise?
obviously not, I mean
every tom dick and harry knows where it was and sooner or later standups who want
more of a challenge than kalk bay was gonna show up there and have a dig.
wouldn't you if you found the co ordinates to a wave of interest?
go there, check what it is about and if it proofed to be good have a dig,
is it gonna bother you that others don't want you to surf "their" wave
fuck no, obviously not
but it is still important to show respect to the pioneers of this shit
hooray for pioneers


Secondly, if you look at the international scene, the ozzie one especially you will notice a trend towards surfing the heavier waves on offer, there is also a wave or two that was once thought to be bodyboarding waves,
there is nothing wrong with this, but there is also nothing right about it, it is only natural
as you progress you seek out bigger challenges,
and in this case waves bodyboarders proofed surfable before other wave riders.


It's the 21st century, the days of apartheid is gone, the lines have been blurred
so go out and find something heavier and fresh
but remeber folks always show respect,
hell yeah


  1. The comments are really rolling in on this one...

  2. talking mad sense Cobus!!
    Havn't been on your blog for ages, havn't been in the water for ages...bt had a couple rad camps bay shoreys yesturday and today..feels so good, makes me amped for more!

    Shot for the stoke man!!! keep up the work on the blog!
    Peace, Andrew