06 April 2009

It comes around.

Some days you just have this enlightenment that there are going to be waves, you know it and there isn't any other way. Sometimes you are walking around on campus on days like these, as I. In these cases of severe misfortune a man is faced with a great moral dilemma, but then again as you are speeding towards the beach you wonder why you even wasted thought on such a easy decision. I drove with manic skills around twisty corners, dispatching old grandma's in my path with some lucrative overtaking. In hindsight I might have used up my daily quota of awesomeness on the road and when I hit the waterworks there just didn't seem to be any spunk left in my bunk?
Needless to say there were definitely some stars in the water, man, if I was a young girl I would have been frothing! The whose-who of South African bodyboarding Celebz wer' out' der' totally going monkey on the supertube. Cobus got TONZ of photo's, that your never going to see! Mohahaha. I kid you, Going teh be sifting through them and posting 'em over the next moon cycle.

Righto first up we have Monsiour Mark Watts, with a sheepalign debue (expect fanmail to rain down on your mailbox soon), this is a proper stall to set up that all important scoop. Wright that down kids.

'Ere 've hav' Mark McCarthy. What to say, what to say! Mark boogs so well it's rather painfull being in the water whilst he is out. Getting super radicool on a end bowl!

Pure class folks, pure class! McCarthy shows he is badass in the previous picture and here he shows of his softer side with some elegance!


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