22 April 2009


WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON HERE BOYZ! I told you not to bring any guns to the voting halls. I told you, assholes! What the hell is the point of a public holiday if the ocean is as flat as a PANNEKOEK and gives you brain freeze to such a extent that you want to chew of your own limbs. The crew is dying! What is the point of preserving it? Who still cares and who doesn't? Who fights and who loses? Whose going to lie on the pavement clutching the flag that announces that they once stood at the top? Who does this for the glory, the bragging rights? Who really cares about the crew, when all of us are at the beach and there are 4 separate cars? Who really gives a damn when they walk over the broken glass day after day, year after year. You use nature, but do you enjoy it? You use it, but do you put something in to preserve it? Lets break down the walls, lets watch it fall to the ground. Lets build a new tower, one that is stronger. One were we roll out together. One that doesn't fuck around.

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