18 April 2009


Time's photo's of the week so ya'll can go broaden your horizons.

Just absorb a little of what goes on in the world, that our personal little world's that we build up so passionately is actually not even a blimp on the radar. Realise the greater scope of things and that at some point there is unity, regardless of religion and nations. Stop being the idiot that walks past everything that's wrong and moaning about it, be aware of the problem and work towards fixing it. The world is coming to a stage where we can no longer be idle, the bloody permafrost is melting, damnit. We could hardly stop a few bushfires over the last summer. Imagine storms that never end. IMAGINE DOOM AND DESPAIR, hahaha. Ok, no need to go that far. Connect yourself a little bit with the idea of a ending and see how much you actually love being alive. MEGA RANT!

"Ey guyz who doz diz fool think he is to tune us shitz like this!"
"No idea man, but I don't see this going anywhere."
"Yea, lost cause, for sure."

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