09 April 2009


Evening. I have had two weird-ass days before today, today was filled with peacefull studying and nurturing a mild hangover. There should be some cool photo's popping up soon and they'll be getting their asses tagged by that ugly rainbow coloured thingy you see on the current ones. For some reason blogger shuts me down whenever I want it to so that you can click on images for higher res ones, now you just click on the lime green link.

All of the photo's come from RAW, so if you feel like having a poster made for you, drop a e-mail at either tiaankriegler@gmail.com or cobozz@gmail.com and we'll see what's crackin.

Jared Houtson, a arch enemy in free surfing division, was zooming around like a butterfly in springtime at this rarely surfed quadro secret left. Poppacious Revo.

Oh, you know your doing something right when that bottom foot pops out like pictured here. Jared again, this is the type of stuff to ENVY!

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