12 April 2009

blazing arrows

so there are more than one way to skin a cat i was told, with this in mind i deleted all the image from the trip except these and maybe 2 others, why? for me these sum it all up

out of the 5 days we spent up the coast we only scored once, but oh how worth it was

it all started with this sunrise

the heat clearing the mist and unveiling this freight train all the way from the artic or somewhere down there

the boys paddling out and waiting, check dot on shoulder

and one of the fellas scoring , they all did though i just have no desire to bore you with 30 images that look very similar

psychedelic moonrise to end of a cracking day

moral of the story : chocolate not always more chocolaty on other side, patience helps, different ways to approach, and last but not least, winter is upon us and the madness is gonna come straight at ya in ways only time can reveal


1 comment:

  1. should i ask why you werent shooting water there?!flip i would have loved to be sitting square in that barrel taking a snappo!!! nice one..