02 March 2009

Soft and in need of love.

The more immediate area has been more or less on fire for the last 2 weeks. Apart from some seriously funky smelling homes and living in a permanent eclipse, 'tis not to bad! As pictured, the smoky skies make for some soft colours and some even softer waves. Cobus took some convincing, but eventually some well chosen words had him in the passenger seat along with his Olympus. Hence there are photo's to share! Ho ho ho, you must think christmas is early this year! If you aren't thinking that - well - then your probably like me who doesn't believe in christmas and is kinda bummed that people chop down millions of trees to get the festive mood going. Nonetheless, we have photos!

A backlit-type of photo!

A soft-colours-complimenting-the-spray type of photo!

A Johno-can't-really-backflip-backwash type of photo!

A pink-spray + I-wish-I-was-coming-in-on-that-sidewall type of COMBO photo!

Probably the 4 best damn photos on the face of the planet right now! Yaowh.

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  1. thanks for blowing my cover Iplantedtheflowersonyourgrave.