22 March 2009

Yea time.

Woot, we beat Australia by more than a innings, it's the first time this has happened to them in 11 years. Shit like this is important. Haahaa, unlcuky Ricky Ponting. Anyway, due to waiting for Camera X to become waterproof I started sifting through my age old photo archives.

This wave makes a A-frame on a reef. This wave was also onshore. This was not al that great.

This evening was BBC prime time glossy. I don't think my sweet camera's auto function knew what the hell was going on. If you look beyond the pretty pictures you may witness that I have created a contrast between the 3 fotos. Mad uploading skillz.

This wave is the ultimate myth. Many a historian has tried to pin-point its exact location, but to no avail, this might be due to the fact that the required swell and wind direction only happen once every ice-age.

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