10 March 2009


Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Christopher Arthur Eric James, a resident of Sydney and a lover of heaps of weird shit, and a bit of cool stuff too like throwing my corpse into ocean lumps, bending my arm into liquor fueled mayhem etc etc....

Cobus has been naive enough to throw me an account on this blog so i'm going to run rampant whenever i can for the next little section while i am landlocked smack bang in the middle of Canada for the next 2 weeks.... After enjoying a little time out in Hawaii with some good friends such as Chris 'sweet dick willy' Wilson, Max 'Gruggy' Arent and sweetheart Lyndsey 'Lynno' Paradise i've locked myself in for some sub zero temps with today being -25.....

As I sit here enjoying a morning coffee i gaze over a few pics old mate Matt Ryan has emailed me from a little session out Lunatic Park from several moons back.... This is making me hungry to slide into some f#*king wild tubes and maybe throw a few jumps in too.

enjoy the following pics and i'll type to you later

gee-rizz xoxox


  1. haha fuck yeah .... some easy reading narritive going down.