08 March 2009


G'day Friends and foes. Winds are a pumpin in the Boland, waves are bogus and Uni is in full swing. Combining all of this in a bowl might make a lesser man buckle under the strain, fear not for I am strong and so is my writing hand. Hahaha. Jeepers, I wonder if anyone actually gives a fat donkey turd what people write on their blogs. Anyway lets talk some local bodyboarding. After giving the photos a glance I have come to the conclusion that me and Johno virtually invert the same. This is bad. Why is this bad? It means we are conditioned, anti-radicool, mainstream orientated bodyboarders. That is why it's bad. I'm going to claim I started first and that Johno is in actual fact copying me. Hahaha, this might leed to a heated debate, but let's have some photographic evidence.

On second thought, I now see they don't really look the same. Haha. All-the-same I really despise posting myself. I'm not sure how people run a personal blog, I'd get a vanity attack. This is me by-the-way. Werd.

This is Johno. Now there is someone I like posting, cozz I can burn his ass on the web! Woot. Anyway he got this wave at the end of the session, after about a 30 minute no-wave period. I was so stoked after seeing this that I paddled my way to shore.

And last, but certainly not least, is Party Animal Stefan Roos. Stefan has some prime real estate in >3ft waves. Hahahaha. As seen here. He also has a backflip he keeps in his body that would make you mother jealous, heck, I don't even look at him catch waves sub 3ft cozz I know he'zz goin to flip it and it's going to look better than everyone else's. Mad skills and one funny chap.

In non-relating news: I went to watch Watchmen last night, it was good. Zack Snyder makes such classy movies that I want to drool in the cinema's. A-grade story telling that makes you really feel involved with the story and face some moral dilema's within yourself. Roarshack has such a awesome script that I'm going to go print his lines now, haha. It is pretty hit and miss though and some folk are obviously not going to be able enjoy it (Cozz they are constipated, heehee).
Futhermore, I got the new A Day to Remember cd, Homesick, which I origanilly thought was pretty cool, but not as good as the previous 2. They are a pop/hardcory band, which means some super catchy lines backed up by some gutteral screamin. I like 'em 'cause it's super fun. This cd is quite a grower (grows on you), but it has some pretty hot darn bad songs which earn a instant skip. There are however 3 or 4 songs that keep you coming back for more and might 'cause you to sing (try) along, headbang on some rad breakdowns and just having fun with music in the air.

On a final not, VAT is a really complex matter, but I'm coming to grips with it. So don't you think that 14% on the price tags is just fun and games, oh no siree!

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