04 March 2009

The grass is green.

As another day comes to a close, another Uni test is threatening my horizon. The prospect of a test makes man do funny things. Like - say - procrastination. Now I have heard a quote that reads as follows: "Procrastination is like mastrubation, in the end you just end up screwing yourself". Haha. Anyway in a few instances it is highly beneficial and this is one of those instances, depending on your stance towards this blog is.

Henk with elegant weight transfer in a juicy lil pocket!

Henk again with another display of oceanic mastery - class!

Johno is far too young to be intune with the ocean: Johno + blind luck!

Tomas Degenaar is funny chap to watch on a boogy, he has radicool raw technique and isn't governed by style. I am under the impression that this roll had him hanging around in the air until he made brutal contact with the flats. Radicool!

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