29 March 2009

i lied

said i (will) never post small shit again...small is part of us, we are composed of trillions of microscopic atoms and bacteria that work 2gether to function properly, a by product of evolution if you will, you are not a single but a multiple...

a empty no one wanted


beyers with the world at his feet



  1. looking sweet!
    like the one of beyers.

  2. Hey Mr Flacid.

    Looks to me like you are spoiled for waves. I would not exactly call that small (but medium, possibly medium small comes to mind). Looks grotesquely fun though (ooh how I wish I could ride rights).

    Your "atoms" quip made me think of this weird (true) space travel story I read the other day by Buzz Aldrin (excerpt underneath - find the whole shebang here -> http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/07/buzz-aldrins-fr.html ):

    "Which meant that high Z particles were penetrating the spacecraft, your helmet, everything else -- and impacting the retina of your eye. And it’s an example of the kind of particles that are out there en route to human travel to Mars and so forth that we need to keep track of. And when they hit your brain, you just lost a cell of two of memory. So I guess that was one of the most unusual things we saw."

  3. Aweside Cobus,
    Killa kiekies. As dit klein caves is, is ek maar 'n standup moffie. Jy kan seka check eks supa amped om daai shots weer te sien. As jy dit asb na joubertj@sun.ac.za sal mail sal ek jou ewig dankbaar wees. Sho brotha. James