15 March 2009


yes peeps, qwaz thee immortal is the feline in the middle of the pic, she is a baby kitten that crossed paths with me and now chooses to eat sardines and express her self with mental acrobatic abilities in the sheepalign studio and surrounds behind her is a blender i like to use to make all types of crazy tasting smoothies and bhang lassi concoctions to perceive life in it's different shades and there in the left hand corner of the pic you will see the most exciting thing, a dome shaped port specially designed for fisheye optics , yes that is correct, a waterhousing is being built for my rig so you can see all the madness going down from new angles imagine what this west coast slab would have looked like if i was drifting around in that cold blue water in the danger zone, sick as mate, sick as

this wave is really not as good as she looks, dont even go look for her it will be a waste of time, honestly you have so much beter things to do like watching tellie, browsing the net, etc etc

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