10 March 2009


humans love pictures , the power of them is that different pictures provoke different feelings and thought processes in the human psyche , it becomes a stimulant

you the reader come here to see more pictures , the other places you look is not enough , you need more and more to fill that need
it's the same with all you porn addicts , you love your porn and the more you watch the more you want , you are a bunch of dirty c@#ts and you know this
i'm sure if this blogspot mixed in some asian porn the hits will go sky high , on second thought i might jus do this for additional entertainment purposes , comment if you would like this service ?

they also capture moments you dont necessarily want the world to see

alas , pictures are and have become a part of us , without them many will fall into depression and die

so to make sure you get your dosage of pictures from a different source than us i invited a friend over to this blogspot to share and entertain the masses with moments captured and in his possession

who is this friend you ask ,you'll jus have to wait for his first post

when this is gonna be i dont know , we work on a do what you want when you want policy........


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