06 March 2009

those who read the fine print

at the bottom corner of the newest riptide might have noticed "waves to surf before you die" and then the name of many different waves around the planet ,
south africa gets 2 mentions , the one is cave rock in durban and the other is the one and only DEVIL'S HORN
hahahahahaahhahaaaa , only discovered recently and set to dominate the world media soon.

my inbox is full of hopefulls trying to pinpoint the location of this beast , unfortunately for you guys the farmer doesnt like strangers snooping on his farm and carry's his double barrel shotgun everywhere he goes jus in case there is something to kill.......

getting on his bad side would be very similar to standing infront of the wave pictured below , bad for your health

look at that godforsaken explosion , it's like something from the discovery channel "when stars are born"

tread lightly

1 comment:

  1. now there is a wave that has a little bit of everything in it..with a reefbreak the size of a mini bus.and the power of arnold..this wave has to be one of the most amazing waves to look at...just leav it at that...